Wishing upon a star

I just came back from a cruise to the beach alone. Yep, I usually will go to the beach alone either to cry, to think and ponder upon as well as when I need space. It was rather uncomfortable place to go, as they already lit up the beach with the spotlight. I should have gone to the yacht club beach or to the marina. Ah. Oh well. Next time then.

Anyway, I am still in the critical, vulnerable self where nothing is concrete and I don’t know what future is for me. I was wishing upon a star (oh it’s been a while since i saw so, so many stars in the sky, it was beautiful). Life is too short to live alone. Eh. Sorry, that was a song playing when I’m typing this. Ha ha.

The visit to the beach couldn’t really wash away what’s been bothering me. I gotta try different beach tomorrow. Anyone up for a sunset watch at karambunai tomorrow? As usual, if no takers, I’ll drive there alone. Spending time with myself alone. I hope they still have someone playing the spanish guitar and rendering to old tunes there. The music sounds great with the scenery. Ah.

I can’t really concentrate on my own self reflection at the beach just now.I need to go to places where it is quiet, and I can just, reflect and think of my priorities in life. and to feel good about it; the place, KK, and life in general.

I need my old self back. I need the old iDa before she moved to Penang.

Where is she?

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