I’m thinking of writing something today but I’m in my laziest mood today. ah. Woke up early but did nothing productive today. Ha,ha. But I did went to the gym in the evening, and it feels good. My lower abs is still strong and I am very happy with it. Just that I need to do more cardio. Yep, noted. more and more cardio.

When I was walking back to my hostel, the rain start pouring and I end up walking/running in the rain. That feels good too. Yes, I am drenched wet and every car passing by with look at me, but I don’t give a damn. I’m in my own zone, enjoying the rain and the music. Awesome.

Apart from that, the gum surrounding my wisdom tooth is still aching. Ah. Painful. I am still taking the antibiotics and painkiller that the dentist prescribed to me.

I am back to my fitness routine. Tennis practice, gym workout and hopefully tomorrow jogging at the stadium? or should i practice at the tennis wall? or back to the gym for another cardio intense workout?

Hmmm. Let’s play by ears.

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