It was a dissapointing career and postgraduate expo at PISA, Penang today. Ha,ha. Most of the job advertised meant for those with engineering or management field. Ah. Plenty of jobstreet-like booth though. The good thing is, I updated my CV in 10 minutes. I’ve been dragging to update it since donkey years ago. Ha,ha.

Anyway, after lunch, we went to 1st Avenue, Georgetown to watch a movie in a beanie hall. Ha,ha. Ok, there’s a bean bag seat at the TGV 1st Avenue. Awesome, you can take off your shoes and just sit like when you are sitting at home, on the couch. Oh and if you’re watching the movie with a boyfie, you can snuggle up too. mwhahaha. I think this is the first and only beanieplex so far in Malaysia?

The seat look like the above photo (photo credit to: TGV)

Splurge on two (2) floral dresses today. Ah. Cotton On is finally open in Penang! Ha,ha, it is way bigger than the one in Pavilion and Midvalley. However, the choices is limited, or maybe nothing much catches my eyes today. Coach boutique also finally opened here. Oh, those purple poppy collection still caught my eyes. Soon, when I start working, you can see me carrying it. mwhahaha!

OK got to go back to work!

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