Walking on sunshine

My obsession towards dresses has not yet subside. I am (still) looking for the perfect walking on sunshine summer dress. Ah. I saw a few but either it’s no size available or it cost more than a thousand ringgit (yep, a haute couture ones). What inspire me to buy a yellow dress is from one of the glee episode where the gal’s sang halo/walking on sunshine mesh from season one. Ah. I soooooo love Santana’s BCBG and Rachel’s Calvin Klien. Ah.

I saw those two lovely dresses from Nordstrom and some bluefly online store (both also unavailable though), but it doesn’t hurt to drool over it right?

Yep, I screenshot my desktop so you can see the details. If you wanna go to the website and buy me one, please navigate through google. teehee.

You can go oooo and ahhh over it now. But it’s sold out. Ha,ha.

OK fine,I can’t get these two anymore, but I managed to find one cutesy dress from ASOS (again) that scream the world ‘sunshine’ and ‘awesome’, but doesn’t have the shade of yellow that I want.

Right? If any of you my dear stalker was wondering what to get me for my birthday, I suggest you click on this link

ASOS | ASOS Pretty Embroidered Shift Dress at ASOS, and surprise me, afterall it only cost £45.00.

I’m wearing size UK 10 🙂 tqvm!

*hugs & kisses*

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