Pause, stop & go

Would you go forward or would you stop for a while, look at your past and maybe, reverse for a while and then move forward?

I can’t seem to decide which road to take at this moment. Yes, the past looks tempting but I need to live my current life. I have put ambition, hope and goal for the current track I’m in, but the back side of the road is still look clear to me, and it is still can be travelled. Even though I’ve already, sub-consciously decided which road to take… but still, I tempted to look back.

I know the environment wouldn’t be the same as before, I might still be living a year ago memories. I’m not well accustomed to the new, fresher air over there. So, there. It is decided.

No looking back, just a move forward.

Have a nice wednesday y’all!

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