Wednesday blub

AH. Wednesday! TGIW! I’m in the office, having my coffee & about to continue finishing up my draft report but somehow I’ve no force to ‘click’ on the document related. Ah. Holiday mood starts creeping into me.

By the way, I’ve a stalker! Every morning the stalker will peep into my window and watch me getting ready for work. Today I intervene his activity. ah darn black & white cat! (What are you thinking?? a guy? bluek, it is a pussy cat). A shy neighbour cat always walk around the first tier of my house rooftop. 

I can’t wait for saturday! I’ll be flying off to KL. Though I’ll be busy with family & all (the whole family will be there) for wedding etc, I’m trying my luck to escape andddd off to do what i LOVE the most! Shopping AND taking pictures! 

I’ll be bringing my ‘kayu tiga’ with me for this trip. ah. I’ll be carrying my purse, etc with my red canon bag as well. 

OK, got to go back to work now. Keep on rollin’ bebeh. I’ll be back with more input (and photos).


p/s: end of Chapter 3:Villain, ahhhhhh Chapter 4:Fugitives in February 2009! and GG starts on the 5th January 2009. What I’m gonna do without my Heroes & GG? ah. I’m lost.

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