Losing it!

I am at the point that I’m going to lose myself! I need to go out of here. Feet feel itchy to go everywhere but here. I look like a homebody but I feel like I’m better suited with nomadic lifestyle.

I have been humming and chanting things that i want to do over and over again. *hum*

Wonder what prevent me from realizing it? Responsibilities.

I have been blog-hopping today and I can’t feel any lesser than to envy people when they are given choices on where they want to settle & start life as an adult. Either to be back or to stay, they will get full support from the love ones.
I so envy that! I wish I could be given that opportunity to decide for myself too.

Being far away doesn’t mean you’ll forget people you left behind, is it not? I can’t fathom why no confidence given when they know where my heart is. No matter where I whereabout.

I’m sorry love ones, I can’t be your perfect one. I can’t be your dream daughter. We have different set of thinking and ambition. But I always love you!

p/s: I’m still reading Jeffrey Archer’s Kane and Abel.

oo I feel like running to the local Tong Hing Supermarket store to get Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Chunk. uwaa. or the Haagen-Dazs English Toffee and Mint Chip Yums.

Happy fasting everyone! teehee 😛

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  1. Anne says:

    Hi Ida… This is a beautiful soulful post. 😉 I think I can relate to what you said by “I look like a homebody but I feel like I’m better suited with nomadic lifestyle.” 😉 All the best alright 😉

  2. anggun3 says:

    hehe yep Anne. Dilemma of being in the strong bonded-family. the feel of wanting to escape, pack the suitcase & go to where the heart desire, sometime. well, most of the time i’d feel this way though. heh.

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