May day

Ah Im dead tired now, but I’m not complaining! 🙂

mwhahaha. I started off the day by taking the earliest BKI-KUL flight you can i possibly imagine & slept throughout the entire journey. I arrived in KL around 9.40 am. dang! 2 hrs & 10 mins instead of the usual 2 hrs & 30 mins. Then I rushed off to settle down stuff & off to Bangsar Village II for a lunch date with Grace. We had our lunch at the Banquet. It is a very nice & exclusive-looking restaurant, you wouldn’t missed it.

Banquet located at level 1 of the Bangsar Village II. Menu consist of a fusion of east & west dishes with a wide choices of wine etc.  I had some pasta & Grace had nasi lemak. Well the food taste alright to me. I kind of regret declining dessert as the tiramisu looks so heavenly-delicious. I got to drag someone to go there for tiramisu. 🙂

The Banquet decor

I bought something for J as birthday gift! This happened when we were in one of the accessories shop in the City Mall. We came across some cool bracelet, ring etc made of the hawaii hibiscus flower imported from Hawaii. We bought the same design. LOL.

So i told her that I came across similar thing in Bangsar Village but with much more bigger flower! Didn’t know she’s into these kind of thing. So i decided to buy those for her (the hair clip with big flower) & a hair band (with the same flower too) for myself. I try it out & i fell in love with both. I decided to keep both for myself (dang!) & will go to the shop again to buy another one for her. *grin* Below is the picture of the flower hair accessories. 🙂


Check out their website at

Then we’re off to the Gardens to check out something. mwhahaha. Oh gosh, I am so going to get those Braun Buffel document/messenger bag! enough to throw in my files, Macbook, purses, wires, powder and etc.

I need to get shades too, we were checking out shades at A|X store just now too. hmmm.

Wasn’t really into full force of shopping yet. LOL. She bought the super glossy Dior lipgloss while I bought the travel-kit 3-step Clinique as I forgot to bring my toiletries. LOL.

I’m back in the room now. Feeling extremely exhausted.

oh btw. I bring my macbook to KL. I can’t imagine being disconnected from the internet for 4 days!

Tough choice just now between the cute top from Dorothy Perkins or fancy dress from Topshop. 

Oh don’t get me started with the accessories shop, Diva. They are having like 50% off for almost all items! OMMO!

Oh well.

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