25days to go


4.44pm June14,2005.

Vivian Green -Gotta go, gotta leave

argh i dont have mood to blog now. But for d past weeks, i’ve been addicted to ebay. hahaha yes, i won the GAP sherpa hobo bag. It’ll arrived end of this week i hope =)

Sjpsherpa here’s a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker (she represent GAP marketing campaign) with the bag ( except mine is in rose color! =)

And im searching for a Juicy Couture stuff around Msian ebay. There r a lot of that in US ebay but since the currency difference and the astronomical shipping payment; so just forget abt auction-ing products that located outside msia.

Oh, another not-so-amusing news; i got into an envirommental and management science. Sigh.

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