Crossfit Journey

I started the new field of play last saturday for a trial class. The ‘box’ located at Community centre at Damansara Heights. Yep, talk about affluent neighbourhood. But what attract me to this, was it is the community-based crossfit. Means you have to complete your workout of the day in a group, instead of alone. I have been struggling alone, for years without anyone to push me. So, yeah.

I am going to start to jot down my journey on crossfit, and journey workout after workout with this FA. I hope, I would make lotsa friend, achieve what I targeted for and, be happy with myself.

Day 1 – saturday, 5 September 2015

I started with an introductory warm-up.

The coach got my heart pumping by

15 Jumping jack

15 squat

15 mountain climbers

15 jump squat

Repeat 3 sets.

1-minute of skipping. for 3 sets. Each time I stop, I get panelize by 5 burpees. I did 20 burpees.

after that,

Karen. 150 wall ball, of 6kg ball. I did in 14.50mins.

I died. and major DOMS the next day.

Today – September 10 2015:

started with warmup: knee hug, pull, and stretch.

WOD warm up, starts with 15 jumping jack, 15 squat, 15 touch toe, 15 squat, 250m run. Repeat 3 set.

Then he explain, on the shoulder hang clean, etc. can’t remember the name.

After that; in pair, 20 burpees while the other person hold a dumbell up, switch.

20 squat while the other person plank, and switch.

I can’t stop panting, and yes. It was a good workout,and I had fun.

This is just an introductory post to crossfit, for real journey, hop on to my regular post 🙂


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