Good life

Hey ya all. It’s coming to the end of the weekend. I am here, still. In Penang. Trying to make myself busy and happy, but in the end. I feel awful. I spent the weekend, just in the room as I am under the weather. As mentioned previously, I am having a severe dehydration, my lips are still swollen and I have some infection going on. All almost recovering now except for the dehydration. I think I drink enough water but the lips still swollen. Ah. I don’t know. Maybe I should be hydrated intravenously. Then I can relax in the ward. Good idea.

However, I have given plenty of opportunities and I sorta taken it for granted due to my complicated situation. I am unable to go to the company trip because I can’t afford to go, and it’s the place where I so wanted to go during winter. I feel terrible. I can go on monthly pay deduction, but as I said earlier, I can’t afford that. I get a low pay, I can’t afford to get more deduction, I can’t buy food to eat. Yes, I will be very tight in budget in the upcoming year. It is already stated in the ox horoscope, for those that really read, that 2011 for ox is going to be tough, need to be very hardworking and shall be careful with my budget. Another dear friend inviting me for a backpacking throughout south east asia by the end of the year too. I have read the itinerary, and I am very much interested in joining him but still, I don’t know whether I can afford that, financially and time. Why all the good things coming in one time and force me to choose? It’s like deja vu. I get into this kind of situation over and over and over again.

I will get my car in say, before raya. I hope neo cps will be ready by then. I have decided to just get the Penang number. I mean, what’s the difference. I drive like penangites here, might as well be one. And nobody will dare to bully a Penang car number here.  My friend will be getting his saga earlier as saga is ready stock here in Penang, and he get his loan approved 2 days earlier than me. I will be signing the agreement this week, and to register the car by this week too. Hopefully I can get it by next week or week after.

I’m looking for place to stay too. I’ve been surveying places nearby, and still hopefully I can get a better deal. Am thinking of purchasing the furniture from KL, and to ship it here. But it all depends on my budget too. Dang.

Apart from that, once I get my own place (with access to kitchen and all), am thinking of going mediterranean. Like, seriously. I shall start back eating healthily. This is where I miss home. Mommy always cook a low GI diet food and stuff. I’ve been eating outside for the past 2 years, and am few kg heavier. I need to get back to my old 23 year old body, but maintaining my current boobs and booty. Ha.ha.

Okay, it’s almost 1 am. Thank you for reading everyone. Have a great brand new week! 🙂

and, have a blessed Ramadhan.


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