Completely bla·sé Part II



1. Yourself: lazy bones

2. Your Lover: monster

3. Your Hair: Long

4. Your Mother: here

5. Your Father: out

6. Your Favorite Item: lots!

7. Your Dream Last Night: nightmare!

8. Your Favorite Drink: oranges!

9. Your Dream Home: my own design 🙂

10. The Room You Are In : messy

11. Your Pets: myself ;p

12. Who You Are Now: student

13. Where You Want to be in Ten Years : thousandmilesawayfromhere!

14. Hair color: black

15. What You’re Not: smart

16. Your Best Friend: Monster

17. One of Your Wishlist Items: Jag’s XK convertible

18. Your Gender: Female

19. The Last Thing You Did: played chess with monster-chatting actually :p

20. What You Are Wearing: tee n shorts

21. Your Favorite Weather: i like the humidity here, and blue skies in likas 😛

22. Your Favorite store: store with books and coffee and a good sofa :p

23. The Last Thing You Ate: strawberry sandwich

24. Your Life: sucks

25. Your Mood: moody.

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